Mafia II Soundtrack Details – Mafia 2 Music List

Mafia II Soundtrack ***Check out the new Info on the Fallout New Vegas Soundtrack, with lots more classic songs from a similar time period as Mafia II!*** **** UPDATE, Full Mafia II Review - "Family" is Thicker Than Blood has been published, check it out! **** As I mentioned in my Mafia 2 Preview and my updated Continue Reading ››

Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days Review

Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days Review CoverWell kiddos, I was lucky (or unlucky) enough to receive Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days from Gamefly on the week of launch release. The game came in the mail and I promptly went and beat the game. I had heard tales of the single player being ridiculously short. Those reports were not in any way mistaken as it took less than … Continue Reading ››

Mafia 2 Demo Impressions – No Spoilers

Mafia 2 Pre-order - Mafia 2 Demo**** UPDATE, Full Mafia II Review - "Family" is Thicker Than Blood has been published, check it out! **** Play the Mafia 2 Demo yesterday through steam. Actually I played it several times. The first time I just went through the demo mission, the second time I used my fully allotted 10:00 free-roaming world time. It definitely … Continue Reading ››

Fallout 4 Preview Update | New Vegas Voice Cast (Wayne Newton)

Fallout 4 coverFallout 4 Preview Updates

Check this link for the Fallout New Vegas Soundtrack & Music List. Fallout New Vegas has updated it's voice cast with a personality that really embodies the Vegas spirit.  "Mr. Vegas" himself, Wayne Newton will provide the voice of himself as the Radio DJ pre-recorded before the big Fallout event.  I think Newton is obviously a perfect New Vegas voice casting choice … Continue Reading ››

Of Gods, Warlords & Dragon Tattoos | Warlord & Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Reviews

**** Update - Check out the review on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo sequel, the Girl who Played with Fire now! **** Two quick reviews for you guys of The Warlords and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on Bluray. Also, I just received the God of War Collection from Gamefly. People are always surprised, but I never quite got into God of War. I made it 3/4 through the 1st one … Continue Reading ››

Darksiders of the Moon | Moon Blu-ray | Darksiders PS3

Hey folks, this evening I wanted to share two  mini-reviews for a movie and a game.  The movies is Moon and the game is Darksiders, hence the oh-so-clever post title.  For you non-gamers, I will start with the Moon review.

Moon Bluray ReviewMoon - Sam Rockwell

I finally got to watch Moon this weekend, thanks as always goes to Netflix for helping me to catch up on the gems I have missed and … Continue Reading ››