Seiken Densetsu Limited Edition Music Collection (19 CDS)!

Seiken Densetsu Complete Limited Edition

Seiken Densetsu series fans and collector's have a new reason to rejoice, with the SNES Secret of Mana Cartridgeannouncement of the Seiken Densetsu Music Complete Works Limited Edition set (depending on translation also know as the Seiken Densetsu Music Complete Works Book). This impressive collection of soundtracks and music from the Secret of Mana series and it's offshoots boasts 19 CDs and 1 DVD. Some … Continue Reading ››

Scarface Humidor Gift Set – Limited Edition

Scarface Humidor Gift Set

Scarface is on of the most powerful and well-acted "gangster" films of all time. Now, Universal celebrates this classic Al Pacino with the Scarface Limited Edition Humidor Gift Set. Below is the Universal Studio promo video.

The Scarface Humidor Gift set not only includes a remastered editon of Scarface on Blu-Ray, but also the original Scarface from 1932. Here's … Continue Reading ››

Boardwalk Empire Season 2 – Trailer & Cast News

The season has started, begin with Boardwalk Empire Season Two Episode One Recap and check for new recaps following every Sunday episode.

Boardwalk Empire Season 2 Trailer

Check out this awesome teaser of Season Two of Boardwalk Empire. Things are looking crazy in Atlantic City and New York. Looks like Michael Pitt's Jimmy is … Continue Reading ››

Detour Film Review – L.A. Noire Gold Film Reel Series

In our continuing look at the 50 Gold Film Reels of L.A. Noire we now discuss 1945's Detour, starring Ann Savage and Tom Neal. Detour is a brisk 68 minutes long and has classic elements of "B" Noir thrillers that popularized the genre. Detour was adapted by the writer of the novel of the same name, Martin Goldsmith. Austrian director Edgar G. Ulmer, born in the Czech Republic and raised in … Continue Reading ››

Treasure Island 1990 Preorder – Release Date Confirmed

*Update* Treasure Island DVD review here! It's finally 100% confirmed, Treasure Island 1990 DVD approaches! Check out this graphic released to major vendors as a tie-in for the Ben Hur Anniversary Blu-ray release. A collection of Heston films are set to come out with Treasure Island featured most prominently.

Treasure Island 1990 DVD CoverTreasure Island 1990 Release Date

So according to the full graphic of this ad insert, … Continue Reading ››

Rockstar News – Max Payne 3 and L.A. Noire PC

Some big news from Rockstar in the last few days.  Involving an old IP that Rockstar is now developing in-house and their newest hit franchise as well.

Max Payne 3 Release Date

Several reports have popped up on the Internet stating that those who have put in early pre-orders for Max Payne 3 have been notified that the retailers has updated the release date based on information from the publisher.  Letters from Amazon posted byMax Payne … <a href=Continue Reading ››