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Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Episode 3 – Bone for Tuna – Recap

Our latest episode open with Nucky in his office. He is having trouble dialing a number; attempting to reach Ms. Kent. The operator speaks strangely to him. A young boy stands in front of Nucky. Nucky holds a frying pan with bacon, which somehow morphs into a gun and shoots the boy in the face. Nucky frantically checks on the boy as he is awoken from his dream that is … Continue Reading ››

Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Episode 2 – Spaghetti & Coffee – Recap

Our brief recap and teaser at the top of the show clues us in that Chalky White and Nucky's brother, the former sheriff may be making an appearance this episode. Let's see what happens on episode two in season three of Boardwalk Empire, entitled Spaghetti and Coffee.

Boardwalk Empire s3e2 Spaghetti & Coffee Recap

We start off in New York. The formerly not-so-admirable Sherrif Eli Thompson receives his release from prison and is greeted by the knucklehead Doyle. Eli wants to know, … Continue Reading ››

Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Episode 1 – Resolution – Recap

September 16, 2012 saw the return of Boardwalk Empire to HBO and we begin with a montage of all the events that got us to this point. The Commodore and Jimmy moving against Nucky. Commodore's stroke. Van Alden's child with Lucy and his eventual run from the law. Jimmy's incest. Margaret's affair and her turning over of the valuable land deeds to the church. Angie's (Jimmy's wife) murder by Manny. … Continue Reading ››

Sherlock Season 2 Episode 1 – A Scandal in Belgravia

BBC's Sherlock Season 2 (Series 2) begins right where Season 1 ended. Sherlock faces off with soon-to-be nemesis Moriarty, a gang of unseen gunmen and a jacket filled with explosives.  The situation is strangely defused with a phone call to Moriarty, who withdraws shortly thereafter. Sherlock BBC Season 2 OpenerAndrew Scotts's  Moriarty remains quite mysterious and the lengths and depths to which he … Continue Reading ››

Walking Dead – Secrets – Episode Recap

Last weeks Walking Dead Episode - Chupacabra, saw the "return" of Merle as Daryl struggled with being injured after falling into a ravine, twice! Laurie was pregnant, and now Glenn knows, but she still hasn't told Rick. Glenn tells Dale about his rendezvous with Maggie, and a second encounter at the barn reveals the secret kept all this time, the barn is full of walkers.

The Walking Dead - Secrets

Carl is up on his … Continue Reading ››

Dexter – Nebraska – Episode Recap

Dexter Season Six Episode Six - Just Let Go saw the death of Brother Sam, and Dexter trying to carry out his final wishes. When he was unable to do so, his brother The Ice Truck reappeared seeming to take over as his guide from Harry as Dex's monster took over.

Nebraska Episode Recap

Dexter contemplates "being lost" Rita, Lumen, but his brother Brian has found him. Dexter is turning... saying he can "stop pretending there is any light in him". The brotherly reunion … Continue Reading ››