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Why You Need the Uncharted 3 Strategy Guide

Now, normally I don't like to rely on hints or cheats of any kind when I make my first run at the game.  I consider a first play-through to be the best way to experience a game to its fullest.  If it's an open-world game it depends on how much I enjoy as to whether or not IUncharted 3 Strategy Guide go for a "full exploration" pass.  Once I have completed … Continue Reading ››

Uncharted 3 Trophies Uncovered

The Uncharted 3 trophy list has been released. It doesn't appear to contain any spoilers, soUncharted 3 Nathan Drake Statue no worries. Looks like the standard style for the previous Uncharted games, some based on specific weapon kills, others based on amount of treasure found, some hand-to-hand combat for good measure plus fun trophies and specific actions.  I went back and platinumed the first two games and I am pondering playing … Continue Reading ››