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Dead Rising 2 Review – Zombie Killing Fun for Everyone!

Dead Rising 2 LogoHead on over to Associated Content for article entitles "Dead Rising 2 Review - Zombie Killing for Fun & Profit". I go over the basics of the story and gameplay and my thoughts and recommendation. AC had me do a scoring system for Dead Rising 2 which turned out to be pretty close to the … Continue Reading ››

Machete makes The Switch, and more.

Machete PosterMachete Review

Machete Review is posted over at the usual spot.  I saw the movie late Thursday night with a very small crowd of only three people and I enjoyed almost every minute of it.  There is very little to complain at after watching the movie, and I am always happy to see Danny Trejo get work, and this is his starring vehicle.  The supporting cast is great … Continue Reading ››

Mafia 2 Review & Valhalla Rising

Mafia 2 Review

Well, the Mafia 2 Review is in the books over at Associated Content.  Check out the Mafia II Review - "Family" is Thicker Than Blood article, and please share your thoughts on the game and feedback on the article.  Although the overall scores for the game are good, and praise for the Mafia II Soundtrack in particular has been high, there seems to be a fairly large faction of gamers who are "hating" … Continue Reading ››

Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days Review

Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days Review CoverWell kiddos, I was lucky (or unlucky) enough to receive Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days from Gamefly on the week of launch release. The game came in the mail and I promptly went and beat the game. I had heard tales of the single player being ridiculously short. Those reports were not in any way mistaken as it took less than … Continue Reading ››

Oregon Coast Photos – Oregon Coast North – Summer 2010

Hey all, I published a small set of Photos from my recent coast trip finally. Didn't get as many shots as I would have liked, but used a lot of duplicates to composite a few high-res images. The published gallery is here Oregon Coast Photography - 2010 . If it would be great if you started there to have a look. But if you do or not, come back … Continue Reading ››

Mafia 2 Pre-order – Preview of Mafia II

Mafia 2 Pre-Order BoxartCheck out the Mafia 2 Demo Review.

Mafia 2 Preview

Fresh off my Mafia City of Lost Heaven short review comes the Mafia 2 Pre-order / Preview. You can read the full Mafia 2 Preview at my usual publishing spot on Associated Content, so please read it and leave some comments/feedback when you get a chance. The link is in … Continue Reading ››