Laura Bow – The Colonel’s Bequest Enhanced

Colonel’s Bequest is the first of two adventure from Sierra featuring the character of Laura Bow. My first encounter with this character was in the follow-up Laura Bow 2 – The Dagger of Amon Ra. I have never played this game and never finished its sequel due to it freezing my poor, slow, 2x speed CD-Rom drive back in the day.

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Via Wikipedia:

The Colonel’s Bequest is set in 1925, and the game employs a distinctive, Art Deco style.

The game’s main character is Laura Bow, a Tulane University student, daughter of a detective and aspiring journalist. Laura is invited by her flapper friend Lillian to spend a weekend at the decaying sugar plantation of Colonel Dijon. When the reclusive, childless Colonel gathers his quarrelsome relatives for a reading of his will, tensions explode and the bickering leads to murder.
Laura Bow – The Colonel’s Bequest Enhanced

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