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Conan – The Equinox Equinox

Episode Seven

On the show this evening, comedian and actor Russel Brand, author Susan Casey and musical guest The 88. Come comes out tonight in a really sharp gray suit, that my favorite suit color to wear as well. Again audience interaction via hugs, he will have to do this forever! Standard monologue so politics some topical news, the usual; good for some laughs. Conan strokes his beard at one point and likes his fingers, then says, “tastes like cinnamon”. Writer … Continue Reading ››

Conan Episode 6 Recap – A Fistful of Chowder

Rosario Dawson - ConanWeek 2 of Conan on TBS

Will post a short recap of 5, missed getting it posted for various reasons. On to Episode 6, featuring Harrison Ford, Rosario Dawson and Reggie Watts!! We open to the Coco chant, and more crowd interaction with Conan. Some of the jokes we rehashes from yesterday, but overall two solid monologues in a row. Conan briefly wore a knitted … Continue Reading ››

No Conan on Friday – Episode 5 Recap Monday

If you were one of the people already looking for a recap of tonight's Conan episode andHarrison Ford - Conan O'Brienwere unable to find... well, that's because there is no episode to night. Apparently Conan has adopted the same strategy that they use for Lopez which is Monday through Thursday no Fridays. I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing yet. Fridays in people's minds … Continue Reading ››

Conan on TBS Episode 4 Recap

Julie BowenThe Mummenschantz Conundrum

Previous Conan on TBS Episode Recaps are in the related posts near the Bottom Before we get into the episode, a little bit about ratings. The ratings have dropped from their 1st show and some people are acting like this is surprising. Conan on TBS beat two network backed shows from a basic cable station. This is a big deal. I suspect they will dip … Continue Reading ››

Conan on TBS Episode 2 Recap

Murder, She Tweeted

***Episode 3 Recap is now up !*** Interesting idea to name the episodes of a talk show. I'm not sure if that's been done before. So, good news for Conan fans as last night's show drew more than 4.1 million viewers and beat Leno, Letterman and Stewart. Pretty impressive. Big numbers are a shoe-in for a debut of this much hype, … Continue Reading ››

Craig Ferguson – American on Purpose – A Book Review

Craig Ferguson - American On PurposeAmerican on Purpose : The Improbable Adventures of an Unlikely Patriot is the autobiography of Craig Ferguson, whom most of you will know as a)Host of the Late Late Show or b)that guy that played Drew's boss on The Drew Carey show. His journey from the small Scottish town of Cumbernauld outside Glasgow is a great read and is exactly the type of story one … Continue Reading ››