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Dexter – Nebraska – Episode Recap

Dexter Season Six Episode Six - Just Let Go saw the death of Brother Sam, and Dexter trying to carry out his final wishes. When he was unable to do so, his brother The Ice Truck reappeared seeming to take over as his guide from Harry as Dex's monster took over.

Nebraska Episode Recap

Dexter contemplates "being lost" Rita, Lumen, but his brother Brian has found him. Dexter is turning... saying he can "stop pretending there is any light in him". The brotherly reunion … Continue Reading ››

Dexter – Season Six Episode Six – Just Let Go Recap

Last weeks Dexter episode left us with a ton of drama. Brother Sam is shot, Travis was released by Dex and is having second thoughts and Quinn most likely completely destroyed a case by sleeping with a material witness.

Just Let Go - Season Six Episode Six

Dexter just misses out on finding Gellar after following Travis because Deb has informed … Continue Reading ››

Dexter Season Six Episode Five – The Angel of Death

Dexter examines the wings from the Doomsday killing in last weeks episode. He discovers a resin specific to restoration work. Gellar and Travis pray, with Travis seeing some strange visions of a bleeding Gellar.  The Doomsday crew are looking for their next victim, "The Whore of Babylon" Deb has a staff meeting on the case and Dex lies to her about finding anything with the Wings. Masuka has … Continue Reading ››

Dexter Season Six Episode Four – A Horse of a Different Color

Episode three ended with the the "4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse" riding through town, one wearing the head of an unfortunate jogger, victim of the cult now dubbed the Doomsday killer. Will Quinn continue to be a problem? Hot intern has stolen evidence. New hire detective from Chicago has arrived. Lots of stuff happening. Onto...

A Horse of Different Color Recap

Dexter is attending the baptism being held by Brother Sam. … Continue Reading ››

Dexter Season Six Episode Three – Smokey and the Bandit

So we left off last week with Dexter doubting Brother Sam as a killer, Deb destroying her relationship with Quinn and becoming his boss and the rest of the departments as well. Also, the creepy cult with Edward James Olmos as the "Christ-figure" made another kill.

Smokey and the Bandit

Deb is already stressing herself out to start the show, worrying about what to wear. She banters with Dex. Meanwhile at the abandoned church we … Continue Reading ››

Dexter Season Six Episode Two Recap

Following the Dexter Season Six premiere episode recap, we have quick recap of episode 2, entitled "Once Upon a Time".

Once Upon a Time Recap

Mos Def is a con turned preacher/mechanic shop owner, he did work for Hererra, the snakes in the stomach guy from episode one who also apparently has drug cartel ties. Batista pegs the snakes as a cartel thing, Dex has serial killing on the mind. Also, turns out that Brother … Continue Reading ››