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Where the Sidewalk Ends – L.A. Noire Gold Film Reel Series

Cementing the Sidewalk Crew

Where the Sidewalk Ends is a 1950 Film Noir starring Dana Andrews and Gene Tierney. The writers for the film were headed up by Ben Hecht (making his second appearance on our list after 1946's Hitchock masterpiece Notorious). The wonderfully simmering, desperate musical score was composed by Cyril K. Mockridge, perhaps best know for his television work with the music for Lost in Space and his Academy Award nomination for Dana Andrews … <a href=Continue Reading ››

Detour Film Review – L.A. Noire Gold Film Reel Series

In our continuing look at the 50 Gold Film Reels of L.A. Noire we now discuss 1945's Detour, starring Ann Savage and Tom Neal. Detour is a brisk 68 minutes long and has classic elements of "B" Noir thrillers that popularized the genre. Detour was adapted by the writer of the novel of the same name, Martin Goldsmith. Austrian director Edgar G. Ulmer, born in the Czech Republic and raised in … Continue Reading ››

Scarlet Street Film Review – L.A. Noire Film Project

Scarlet Street is a 1945 Film Noir from Austrian director Fritz Lang. Lang was a master of the dark genre of German Expressionism which lent itself so well to the Noir genre. The British Film Institute titled him as the Master of Darkness. Lang was best known for the still popular films, M and Metropolis. Films like these went on to inspire generations of filmmakers and their influences are still felt today. After emigrating from Germany, possibly under Nazi pressure, he … Continue Reading ››

Gun Crazy Film Review – L.A. Noire Gold Film Reel Series

Gun Crazy (originally called Deadly is the Female) is a 1950 Film-Noir from director Joseph H. Lewis and writer MacKinlay Kantor who wrote the screenplay based on his original work.  An interesting side-note, Millard Kaufman received a co-credit as screenwriter.  Kaufman was creator of Mr Magoo at the time and later, the popular Spencer Tracy led Film Noir, Bad Day at Black Rock. Kaufman actually had nothing to do with Gun Crazy.  Kaufman "lent" his name to Dalton Trumbo a … Continue Reading ››

Notorious (1946) Film Review – L.A. Noire Golden Film Reel Series

Notorious is 65 years old this year (2011) and stands out to many individuals as one of Alfred Hitchock's finest films. It intertwines multiples genre, the spy/espionage thriller and the film noir, while at the same time being the most overtly romantic of his films. In fact, though actually an extended scene of multiple kisses, in order to skirt the "Hollywood Code", a famous scene with stars Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant has the couple breaking the rule of three … Continue Reading ››

The Warrior’s Way Review – Anime-style action meets Spaghetti Western?

The Warrior's Way Film PosterThe Warrior's Way from director and writer Sngmoo Lee receives a wide release this weekend. It stars an excellent Korean actor by the name of Jang Dong-gun, probably best known state-side for the Korean war epic film Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War. This is an English-language film and the supporting cast features Kate Bosworth, Geoffrey Rush, Danny Huston and … Continue Reading ››