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Recent Gaming Roundup – Juarez, F.E.A.R. 3, Catherine

Hearing the Call

The Call of Juarez features a spiritual-successor storyline to the original games. One of the main characters, and if we're honest the focal point of the game, is Ben McCall, ancient ancestor to the Reverend Ray McCall, gun-toting preacher from the previous two games. That's kind of where the connection stops.  There are dialogue references and even scenes that are supposed to take place in locations from the original games. It's a weak call-back at most.  McCall's voice … Continue Reading ››

On the Brink of Something Good

Brink made a promise upon it initial debut to reinvent or at the least reinvigorate the first person shooter.  Early media gave us glimpses of highly stylized characters and an interesting mixture of traditional shooting mechanics with free-running (parkour) mixed in for good measure.  Most people were touting the game as Mirror's Edge with much more shooting.  So how does Brink measure up to expectations?

Basics of Brink

I took me only a couple nights, with a few hours each night to … Continue Reading ››

Singularity Game Review

So I obtained myself a copy of Singularity PC as opposed to Singularity PS3. I just have issues with shooters and using a controller when I have the option of keyboard and mouse.  I have written a full Singularity PC game review for Associated Content.  Please check it out if you want my full thoughts on the game. In science and mathematics a Singularity … Continue Reading ››