Zombies Help with Grammar

Original Post from Lynda Giddens: Writing Tip: Passive Voice Some friendly grammar tips thanks to zombies. What better way to learn? “She was killed [by zombies.]” <—- passive “Zombies killed [by zombies] her.” <—- active I dunno ’bout you, but this will help me immensely! via: http://blog.grammarly.com/post/34095768680/writeworld-mightymur-the-final-brilliant from Public RSS-Feed of James[…]

Death from Darthsiders Totally Looks Like 80’s Cartoon Villain

Death from Darthsiders looks like 80’s Cartoon Villain #crosspost Darksiders II May Be Your Best Shot At a Skeletor Game I’m a big fan of http://totallylookslike.icanhascheezburger.com/ and it’s funny comparisons of various celebrities, objects and landmarks. Kotaku came up with their own featuring the star of the Darksiders sequel, Death. The compare[…]