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Soundtracks of Bethesda Hit iTunes (Skyrim, Fallout, Dishonored)

The Soundtracks of some of Bethesda's biggest game franchises as well as a few big offerings from some of the games they publish are now available on iTunes for your listening and downloading enjoyment.

The Evolving Medium of Game Music

If you're a regular reader or friend, you'll know that game and film music are areas that I pay close attention to and collect. Game Music has long been an under-appreciated and sometimes looked down-upon form of media. As game music has evolved to become more and cinematic or exploratory in it's themes it has gained legitimacy in the form of major awards and other types of recognition. … Continue Reading ››

A Look at how Health Created the Max Payne 3 Soundtrack

"The band HEALTH's killer Max Payne 3 soundtrack was easily one of the best of last year, and a chunk of the reason Max Payne 3 was among my personal top games of 2012. This video from The Creators Pro..." Continued at Kotaku via above link

Max Payne 3 has a secure place in my top 10 games of … Continue Reading ››

Greatest Video Game Music 2 Revealed

Greatest Video Game Music 2 Revealed

The Greatest Video Game Music 2 Tracklisting Revealed - IGN

The first "Greatest Video Game Music" performed by the London Symphony Orchestra was pretty good. I wasn't completely excited with their choices of what to play, but I'm always happy when game music gets some credit. IGN has listed … Continue Reading ››