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Soundtracks of Bethesda Hit iTunes (Skyrim, Fallout, Dishonored)

The Soundtracks of some of Bethesda's biggest game franchises as well as a few big offerings from some of the games they publish are now available on iTunes for your listening and downloading enjoyment.

Borderlands 2 Soundtrack – Track List

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to Borderlands the late 2009 shooter with a sort of sci-fi western post-apocalyptic flavor focused on its seemingly never end random combinations of weapon types, a formula the have promised has been continued and refined for this sequel. The game is getting an official music release, simply titles Borderlands 2 Soundtrack and featuring a handful of composers. Most notable perhaps is Continue Reading ››

Sleeping Dogs Soundtrack – Music List

All links (iTunes) updated 10/2013 Sleeping Dogs is all about creating a believable game world for the protagonist to operate within. Originally True Crime Hong Kong, Sleeping Dogs does a wonderful job of nailing the Hong Kong vibe.Sleeping Dogs If you're a connoisseur or even casual viewer of Hong Kong action flicks, you will recognize the setting and the atmosphere right away. The sound design goes a long way towards making … Continue Reading ››

The Music of Secret of Mana

The Music of Secret of Mana

Appreciating The Music Of Secret Of Mana

Secret of Mana Music

I am not an authority on the Secret of Mana aka Seiken Densetsu RPG series. When the game came out I was splitting time with other famous SNES RPGs as well as enjoying all that the PC had to offer at the time.  If you're looking for background on the game, I'd say take a visit … Continue Reading ››

Max Payne 3 – Special Edition Pre-Order

Rockstar has unveiled a Max Payne 3 Special Edition, packed with goodies. To take advantage of this you must secure your Max Payne 3 Special Edition Pre-order between now and January 15th, this is a limited time offer. Check out all the details of the collectible version of the game below.

Max Payne 3 Special Edition Details

The centerpiece of this SE is the 10-inch tall Max Payne 3 statue made by Triforce, a [caption id="attachment_2478" align="alignright" … Continue Reading ››