Max Payne HD 2K – Part III Chapter 1 – Take Me to Cold Steel [1440p 60fps]

Max is on the trail of Nocle Horne, Aesir Corporation CEO, and the architect of his family’s murder. He tracks here to a factory known as cold steel. The compound is teaming with Aesir mercenaries. Subscribe: Twiter: Twitch: Home:

Max Payne HD 2K – Part II Chapter 3 – With Rats and Oily Water [1440p 60fps]

Max Payne enhanced in 1440p 60fps. Max Settings in Game, 2K Resolution DSR with 33% Smoothing. Other control panel settings, 16x Anisotropic, FXAA, Gamma, Enhance App settings, 32x CSAA, 8x Supersample, HQ, Trilinear and threaded. Subscribe: Twiter: Twitch: Home: