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Witcher 2 – Intro (Demanved Assassination) 1080p

The beautifully rendered Witcher 2 Assassin of Kings Intro Sequence titled The Demanved Assassination. Recorded and uploaded here in 1080p. The game is a sequel to the surprise hit first game by CD Projekt RED as is based on a line of novels from Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski and a witcher (magical monster hunter) by the name of Geralt. Continue Reading ››

I am Alive – Chapters 19-21 – Fireworks, Perilous Streets, Pier (End)

Henry sends the protagonist to climb a nearby tower and set off some fireworks. This is I am Alivewill signal their location to the nearby rescue ship they have contacted. Getting up and down the tall building is no small task. After this is done we find that Mei has been kidnapped by gang members and Henry has gone in search of her. So it seems our hero's … Continue Reading ››

I am Alive Chapters 14-18 – Blue Hotel, Line 2 & Reunion 720p

Henry has located Mei's mother. She is being held captive at the Blue Hotel by a nearby I am Alivegang. Getting into the place is the first goal, then finding the woman and getting her out alive is next. If they can get that far, they can make their way through the subway Line 2 and move towards a reunion with Mei. But, it's going to be tough. The … Continue Reading ››

I am Alive Chapters 9-13 – Henry’s, Radio Haventon & Below 720p

The protagonist meets Henry and offers them additional help. Henry needs a radio I am Alivetransmitter and our man is going to get. Henry gives our hero an additional tool in the form of a bow and singular arrow. Retrieving this transmitter is going to be no small task though as it centered in the hold of a broken down ship infested with gangs and quarantined sick. Continue Reading ››

I am Alive Chapters 6-8 – Mei & Line 4 720p

After scaling the skyscraper and obtaining the meds, our protagnist makes his way to the I am Aliveground floor and through the dust. Working his way back to Mei via the window-washer lift. Henry directs him towards his location via the Line 4 subway. The subway contains a mix of enemies and refugees from the choking dust storms outside. It will be a difficult journey. Continue Reading ››

I am Alive Chapters 4-5 – Dust & Skyscraper

After heading to the top of the mall our hero locates the government supply crate on the top of a distant skyscraper. Using a functioning lift he makes his way to the building exterior and eventually back down to the street where he begins the long climb. Not only will have have to scale both the inside and outside of the dilapidated building but he must also deal with some people … Continue Reading ››

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