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Uncharted 3 Subway Prizes

Uncharted 3 Prizes

So, here are the prizes from the Uncharted 3 Subway Promotion. First the grand prize. Grand Prize winners choose from one of the five packages below which are vacations for two promotion "adventure". England
  • Round trip coach air to London from major airport in 48 contiguous states
  • Six (6) nights first class hotel accommodations
  • Sherlock Holmes Experience in London
  • Speed 35 knots on a 400 horse power speed boat on the Thames
  • Guided tour of Manuel Antonio Park
  • Train to … Continue Reading ››

Driver San Francisco Soundtrack

I recently began playing Driver San Francisco after receiving it from Gamefly. I hope to Driver San Francisco Vinylhave some thoughts on the game shortly in a segment I'm going to call 1 hour impressions.  One of the things I have been enjoying most is the music.  The Driver San Francisco soundtrack list is an impressive one, featuring funk and soul classic mixed in with grungy and underground electronic music.  … Continue Reading ››

Forgotten Sands and Bloodstones

Two quick blurbs for ya today. Prince of Persia (the newest version Forgotten Sands) and James Bond Bloodstone both for the PS3.

Prince of Persia Forgotten Sands Thoughts

Prince of Persia Forgotten Sands is the newest entry in the Prince of Persia series and yet another reboot for it as well. I guess, technically it is just a return to the story-line that was broken up by the appearance of 2008's Prince of Persia which broke up the trilogy that … Continue Reading ››

Sony E3 2011 Press Conference Breakdown

I want to start off first by discussing some system specific topics.  I cover PS3 and PC almost exclusively.  I admit some ill-will towards Microsoft as a company.  I think their customer support and most obviously with the Xbox 360, their quality control is awful.  I also find their flagship IP, Halo, to be substantially over-rated and their online components far too rampant with racism, sexism, homophobia and general lack of intelligence.  That being said, I am not a Sony fanboy as … Continue Reading ››

Playstation Store Welcome Back Gifts are Live

Update - Playstation Store Welcome Back is Overwhelmed

Just like when the Network went up, and the store first came back, it's overwhelmed. You'll be seeing a lot of time-out errors and slow downloads.  I suggest waiting to redeem your freebies for a day or two, or at least later at night. If your selected free games errors out or times out and you can't select it anymore, head to Account Management, Transaction Management, Services List, SCEA Promotions and your game … Continue Reading ››

Uncharted 3 Pre-orders Rolling Out with Collector’s Edition

Just Finished my Platinum run-through of L.A.Noire and I'm waiting for all of the DLC to download.  Either my connection is bad tonight, which is quite possible, or the Playstation Store is again getting slammed after re-opening late last night. While perusing the usual news, information, gaming and media sites, I discovered today's press release regarding Uncharted 3 (the things you miss while at work!). Uncharted 1 … Continue Reading ››