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Puppeteer Announced by Sony

Puppeteer Announced by Sony. Read the brief article with a few screenshots of yet another innovative and interesting sounding game coming exclusively to the PS3. Sony seems to be bringing out some big guns at Gamescom, which is of course easier to due with no Microsoft in attendance.
from Public RSS-Feed of James Schumacher.https://plus.google.com/117368904812683832763/posts/PGoKfCp9nuf

Rains Impressive Debut Trailer

The very impressive debut trailer for PSN exclusive Rain. This is a gorgeous debut trailer and an interesting concept. Follow a boy waking up in a strange place and slowly disappearing, you can only see his outline through the rain and footsteps in puddles.
from Public RSS-Feed of James Schumacher.https://plus.google.com/117368904812683832763/posts/1JdtJ4A8AZc

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Alpha Trailer

I've had my eye on this upcoming PSN game for a little while now. An alpha gameplay trailer has just appeared on the GameFreaks site with something akin to Diablo in a sort of Victorian setting with Vampire mythos-style characters. Reminds me of the original Vampire the Masquerade fro … Continue Reading ››

Uncharted 3 Subway Prizes

Uncharted 3 Prizes

So, here are the prizes from the Uncharted 3 Subway Promotion. First the grand prize. Grand Prize winners choose from one of the five packages below which are vacations for two promotion "adventure". England
  • Round trip coach air to London from major airport in 48 contiguous states
  • Six (6) nights first class hotel accommodations
  • Sherlock Holmes Experience in London
  • Speed 35 knots on a 400 horse power speed boat on the Thames
  • Guided tour of Manuel Antonio Park
  • Train to … Continue Reading ››

Playstation Store Welcome Back Gifts are Live

Update - Playstation Store Welcome Back is Overwhelmed

Just like when the Network went up, and the store first came back, it's overwhelmed. You'll be seeing a lot of time-out errors and slow downloads.  I suggest waiting to redeem your freebies for a day or two, or at least later at night. If your selected free games errors out or times out and you can't select it anymore, head to Account Management, Transaction Management, Services List, SCEA Promotions and your game … Continue Reading ››

Playstation Store Back Online

Playstation Network Store - 10:12 PM PM 6/1/2011

So... Playstation Store officially went back online a little bit back.  I was tying up some loose ends in my L.A. Noire 100% quest and was auto-signed out of the network.  Sure enough after logging back in I tried the store just for fun, and it's back!  What freebies are you going to grab.  I'll grab Dead Nation for some multi-player fun, not sure about the other one.  Also looking forward to Uncharted … Continue Reading ››