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Game Informer Rates XCOM 9.5

Game Informer (owned by parent GameStop) has the first full review of XCOM and they grade it a 9.5 on their scale of 1 to 10. Very excited for this game in case the multiple posts on the topic didn't clue you in.

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Walking Dead Cherokee Rose – Episode Recap

Save the Last One marked a huge turning point for Shane as he brutally sacrificed Owen to save himself and get the medicine to Carl. Now he deals with his demons as the survivors regroup and continue the search for Sophia.

Cherokee Rose Episode Recap

As the motor home and the remaining survivors enter the farm, with the barn sitting ominously in the background, a grave is prepared for Otis. Dale and Rick share a hug of relief over … Continue Reading ››

Batman Arkham City – Initial Impressions

Arkham City Impressions

I spent a few hours with Arkham City this evening. I have to say that I can definitely see where all the positive hype is coming from. As I discussed in the preview article, Arkham Asylum was a bit of a surprise.  There wasn't much to complain about with the first game and from my initial play-time it feels as though they have been able to improve on virtually … Continue Reading ››

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Television ReviewSo, the blog has gone a little bit television crazy of late. This is only of course because some exceptional shows are in new seasons, and others have debuted to great success. I am currently following Dexter, Boardwalk Empire and The Walking Dead. The rest of my television time is consumed by watching the Blazers; even when the team doesn't show up to the game, I stay … Continue Reading ››

Deathspank Game Review | Spanking the PSN Competition

A Deathspank review for the Playstation 3

Deathspank is a new downloadable only game from Hothead Studios and Ron Gilbert, one of the original creators Maniac Mansion and the Monkey Island series.  For a discussion of one of the best games of all time, and my favorite, Monkey Island 2, check the posts archives.  Below is the trailer for Deathspank where Diablo and Monkey Island meet and … Continue Reading ››