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Gears of War 3 Soundtrack List

Gears of War 3 will be released on Sept.30 completing "the trilogy". Of course with a Soundtrack Logo - Gears of War 3franchise as big as this, don't be too surprised if the series continues on.  Below is the full Gears of War Soundtrack list composed by Steve Jablonsky.  Jablonsky was educated and trained by the Hans Zimmer Borg collective, hence the "Zimmerfied" feel to some of his scores.  This track … Continue Reading ››

Mafia II Soundtrack Details – Mafia 2 Music List

Mafia II Soundtrack ***Check out the new Info on the Fallout New Vegas Soundtrack, with lots more classic songs from a similar time period as Mafia II!*** **** UPDATE, Full Mafia II Review - "Family" is Thicker Than Blood has been published, check it out! **** As I mentioned in my Mafia 2 Preview and my updated Continue Reading ››

Favorite Games – Betrayal at Krondor

OK, so the newest Facebook thing that everyone is doing isthe Top 5 lists.. a nice break from the the what color of sadness are you and what celebrity do you stalk the most quizzes. However, I have always had real problem with Top Lists. They are so arbitrary and, for me at least, never final. In games, film and music I always have things I consider my favorites, but assigning them rank, or narrowing them down to a small … Continue Reading ››