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Saints Row – The Third Soundtrack List

Just started playing Saints Row 3 aka Saints Row the Third and this game is simply pure ridiculous fun. Though the Saints Row soundtrack is not as ambitious in scope as the Grand Theft Auto series, the musical selection is still impressive and varied. Saints Row as a series has always done it's own thing and I appreciate that.  Of particular note is the nice 80s and 90s selection which … Continue Reading ››

Hitman Absolution Debut Trailer – 47 is Back

The best thing about E3 isn't about console wars pr which developer is better, it's about finally getting a good look at new I.P.s and the continuation franchises that you had hoped or heard were making a return. I have always thoroughly enjoyed the Hitman series. Though the last few entries are considered by some to not be as good as say Hitman 2, I felt they have all provided memorable sequences and were working hard to expand … Continue Reading ››

Xbox 360 E3 2011 Press Conference Thoughts

Microsoft E3 2011

I guess MS doesn't hold press conferences, they hold "Global Media Briefings" :P

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Demo

Opens straight with Modern Warfare 3 footage, which is actually pretty cool. Underwater incursion into a sub-marine. After surfacing it looks like we are in the U.S., probably New York, which holds to the World War III info that has been floating around.  Visually looks excellent, standard CoD gameplay.  We'll have to wait and see.  The only way it will … Continue Reading ››

Dead Rising 2 Review – Zombie Killing Fun for Everyone!

Dead Rising 2 LogoHead on over to Associated Content for article entitles "Dead Rising 2 Review - Zombie Killing for Fun & Profit". I go over the basics of the story and gameplay and my thoughts and recommendation. AC had me do a scoring system for Dead Rising 2 which turned out to be pretty close to the … Continue Reading ››

Guybrush Starkiller? | id More Open-source| NBA Jam HD

Guybrush Threepwood - Force Unleashed IIGuyBrush Starkiller - Force Unleashed II

This is perhaps the greatest achievement of LucastArts in the last decade of gaming, besides resurrecting Monkey Island. They have taken their most popular and profitable game IP, Star Wars of course and married it with their most popular adventure gaming series from days of yore. A long time ago in … Continue Reading ››

Mafia II Soundtrack Details – Mafia 2 Music List

Mafia II Soundtrack ***Check out the new Info on the Fallout New Vegas Soundtrack, with lots more classic songs from a similar time period as Mafia II!*** **** UPDATE, Full Mafia II Review - "Family" is Thicker Than Blood has been published, check it out! **** As I mentioned in my Mafia 2 Preview and my updated Continue Reading ››