The Walking Dead 400 Days Longplay 1080p – Complete

The complete Walking Dead 400 days in 1080p.

A bit of a change here. So annoyed with Telltale for still not fixing their save game issues, requiring me to play through all of Episode 5 again before I could play 400 days that I have decided to up the unedited footage in one chunk. Editing and rendering footage is fairly time consuming and I lost time having to replay. So I simply compressed the video down and upped it overnight. 4.5 gigs and 1:20 of footage. Enjoy.

400 days follows a short period of time in the individual story of 5 different people and their lives following the initial outbreak. It’s more of a teaser setup for possible stories in Season 2 coming next year.

The Walking Dead 400 Days Longplay 1080p – Complete

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