Thief 2014

All rights Eidos Montreal and Square Enix.

Thief Walkthrough – Part 7 – Skull and Blossoms 1080p – All Side Jobs Prior to Dirty Secrets and after Dust to Dust.

Garret heads out of the clocktower several days after completing the Foundry Job. He receives a meeting request from Basso via raven. He has an interesting new client to work with. and it requires finding his way into the brothel known as The House of Blossoms. Garret also wishes to earn some coin and check out Erin’s old hideout before visiting the house of ill repute.

Side Missions covered in this Thief Walkthrough:
A Lady’s Bequest
Watch Your Step
Saving Faces
Disappearing Poet
A Stroke of Madness
Taking a Fence
Happy Medium

Notable Loot:
The Talking Skull
South Quarter Sluices plaque
Custom’s House Bridge plaque
The Siren’s Rest plaque
Insatiable Appetite painting
Stonemarket First Bank plaque
Ulysses Northcrest’s Obelisk plaque
Dangers of Seduction painting
Rutting out of Season painting

Covers Thief 2014 After Dust to Dust and Prior to Dirty Secrets

Thief Walthrough Part 7 – Skull and Blossoms recorded in 1080p. 10Mbps variable Single Pass with 128kbps stereo audio at 44 khz.

Thief Walkthrough Playlist (WIP) continues with part 8.

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