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I’ve recently moved over to Twitch TV. I will be streaming various game playthroughs from old-school PC to NES, SNES and current games. This will be, hopefully several times a week. Occasionally we may also just hold discussions of games, film or media in general with various people. I have friends who work in web, design and gaming industries who I may try to get to join up from time to time and add their commentary. I have added commentary/mic work to my single player work on Twitch now as well. So for the most part Twitch will feature commentary, while Youtube will feature higher quality vids without commentary, except for co-op and multi-player games.

Most often you will find playthroughs or additional commentary from my friend Alex Yao aka Kruddman. Alex works freelance in the games industry on titles both big and small. You can watch streams on this page or the official JamesInDigital Twitch.Tv Channel where you can extend the video size. Leave your questions or suggestions here, or hit me up on Twitter @JamesInDigital. We may hold polls, allowing viewers to select which games to play next, we will always try to have a variety.

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