I began writing as a profession in April of 2010 when I started working for an internet advertising agency. Personally, I have maintained this blog since 2008. During this time I have written for a number of businesses in various styles. This includes casual blogging and SEO optimized pages, along with social media posting and press releases. I also write entertainment/review pieces for several sites as well as my own.  Below are some excerpts and links to various items.

Press Release for Leif’s Auto Centers:


Leif’s Auto Centers, a leader in Oregon Auto Body Repair, donated close to $5,000 worth of parts and work towards the restoration of a high school senior’s vandalized school project. Jase Philby, a North Medford student, was restoring a 1989 Chevy Pickup for his final senior project, his last requirement before graduating and entering the United States Air Force this summer. The pickup was destroyed by vandals during the last week of March leaving Jase seemingly without hope of completing his project and receiving the necessary credits to graduate. Leif’s generous donation was just one of many instances in which Leif’s Auto Centers has worked to be a productive member of their local communities.

Press Release for Summit Mortgage:


Summit provides Washington, California and Oregon home loans for purchase, refinance and remodel transactions, with a variety of loan programs. Our team works efficiently to close transactions as quickly as possible, with highly competitive rates. This is possible thanks to a team-oriented environment with dedicated, empowered staff. The acknowledgment from The Oregonian further establishes Summit Mortgage as a local leader in mortgage banking and a great place to work.

Page Copy for Internet Advertising Agency:


Total Market Exposure is made up of a unique combination of artists, developers, sales staff, writers, and Internet advertising veterans. The diversity of our team members’ skill sets allows us to specialize in a wide selection of Internet-based marketing services. Our varied backgrounds and educations also provide us with unique perspectives to approach problem solving from a variety of angles, and produce the most effective and creative solutions possible. We love to work locally but are just as comfortable working on a national level and beyond as our testimonials will show.

A Review of The Order 1886 Game:


The Order 1886 is an amazing visual feast for your next-gen hungry eyes. This is easily one of the best-looking games of all time, and there is no PC caveat here – it measures up with the best of any other game PC or otherwise. To my eyes, it bests Ryse, Killzone: Shadowfall, Far Cry 4, Assassin’s Creed: Unity (when it works), Battlefield, Arma III — whatever your pick. This is not from a pure pixel-pushing standpoint – The Order is not pushing 4k – it’s the combination of all the ingredients that are put into the pot when making an art-stew that makes it most delicious.