James Schumacher Photography - Coastal Tree Silhouette


I’ve been an amateur photographer ever since my first camera in my mid-teens. As a user of Photoshop from the early days, I combined those skills along with early digital photography to becomeJames Schumacher Photography - Coastal Tree Silhouette better at both. I never had a budget for the more expensive SLR/DSLR in those early years, so I made extensive use of the now extinct Kodak line of Easyshare cameras. They combined the simplicity of point and shoot with some manual features, allowing for more control.

Now, nearly 20 years later I am taking photography more seriously. Though I have shot some with DSLR and in the excellent RAW format, my current camera falls in the “prosumer” range, with the super-zoom Nikon P900. While not affording the pro qualities of long exposure and true high-quality image clarity, it allows me to shoot a wide variety of subjects, and use a wide variety of threaded filters and lens extensions. My long-term work with Photoshop gets me close to the rest of the way to professional results, helping me to produce a range of images in numerous styles and effects.

James Schumacher Photographer provides image/photo editing and creation services as well. Find out more on my hire me /about page, and check out the photostream and specific techniques below.

My Flickr Photostream is a large deposit of my shots, this includes candid and non-pro work.

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