You’ve reached JiD – JamesInDigital. The home page of freelance writer and artist James Schumacher. If you enjoy quality Videogame soundtracks, Film Music, Television Drama as well as Film and Film Music, you’ve come to the right place.

Here you’ll find Movie Reviews, Previews and Articles.
I cover all types of genres of film. From Hong Kong Action to European Art-House and straight through to American Blockbusters and Independent Films. You will find retro reviews of classic movies, as wells as previews and reviews of Blu-Ray releases. I discuss details from cinematography to music score.

You will also find Game Reviews, Game Previews and general Video Gaming Articles. My background is Game Art & Design. I will cover PS3, PC and Retro Gaming systems, as well as discuss general gaming topics. I have been gaming for quite awhile, cutting my teeth on Intellivision, Atari and the original NES as well as PC Gaming.

Television recaps are also popular topics here. Comedy Specials, Premium Television show recaps and basic cable recaps as well as network television discussion are inside. I mostly cover episode recaps of high-production shows. Some shows I have discussed include 24, Burn Notice, Boardwalk Empire, Dexter, Californication and many more.