Well it’s that time of year again, the smell of fall is in the air, the  leaves are beginning their slow change and Halloween rapidly approaches.  Time for scary movies to start showing onSystem Shock 2 Box Cover television.  If you’re like me, you’ve got your favorites; ones that need to be watched each year.  Mine include Evil Dead 1/2, Hellraiser and Young Frankenstein (not scary but awesome nonetheless). Over the years, gamers have gotten quite a few scares, so why not also break out some of your favorite scary videogames to play during this “holiday season”.

Now I hate coming up with top 10 lists.  They are biased to be sure.  You’ll always forget some or rank something to high, and I can always break things down into multiple sub-genres and still have leftovers.  So… I cheat when I make these. These lists are my opinion, and in this case not in any specific order.  Also, I’ve included full series as singular entries and made multiple lists. Take scary here to also include creepy and suspenseful. Links throughout point to video clips of soundtrack entries from Youtube.

Top 10 Scary Videogames – Old School

  • The Uninvited / Shadowgate (PC & NES)
  • Alone in the Dark Series (PC)
  • System Shock Series (PC)
  • Silent Hill 1-2 (PS1)
  • Parasite Eve (PS1)
  • Nocturne (PC)
  • Sanitarium (PC)
  • The 7th Guest Series (PC)
  • Resident Evil 1-2 (PS1 & PC)
  • Gabriel Knight Series (PC)

Special mentions: Phantasmagoria, Splatterhouse, a crap-load of Myst style adventure games and many more I’m missing.  Shadowgate makes the list for the Title theme music Nocturne Box Coveralone; scared the crap out of me as a child. Alone in the Dark is another one that got me with music alone. You start out alone in an attic room and if you don’t block of a hatch door and the window, creatures start attacking you while this music plays… creepy. If you haven’t played System Shock 2, you’re missing out. Great game, but ridiculously creepy thanks to the voices of The Many. Nocturne and Sanitarium are two other classic horror themed games that thrive off of interesting gameplay and atmosphere achieved through music and sound design as you can tell from those two promo videos. Parasite Eve = mutated zombies, ’nuff said. Silent Hill and Resident Evil are well documented for their many tense moments.  The 7th Guest from Trilobyte, pioneers in FMV games, is horror for the puzzles, even without the content. Gabriel Knight is a classic adventure series full of horror elements from voodoo to werewolves and beyond. Modern games on page two.

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