Assassins Creed Unity 780ti Graphics Test Footage (1080p 60fps)

Not sure how well the graphics settings change will come across after Youtube compression, so this a test. My setup is a 2600k with an MSI 780ti Twin Frozer and 16gb of 1866 Ram on Win 7 x64. I use either Shadowplay or Mirillis Action! to capture my footage. Shadowplay was not grabbing the audio for some reason.

I have played a bit of the game with the settings of Borderless Window, High, Ultra Textures, High Shadows, HBAO+, MSAA2x and Bloom and average about 50ish fps. I float between 50-60 with drops into the low 40s and the occasional weird glitch/pop down into the 30s. For some reason I have also had audio stuttering issues as well. People, textures and shadows definitely pop in and out, and I have already caught NPCs doing strange things, like sitting on invisible benches several feet in the air and suddenly popping into your face, as well as severe clipping issues.

To get this video I tried something new. As the game is running in Borderless Window, which seems to give me a handful of frames increase, I use window capture mode rather than hooking directly into the game. This seemed to recover a frame or two that is lost once you begin actually capture footage (all capture footage software does this, and some people that make videos seem to forget that the fps recorded during capture is not the same as the fps during gameplay).

As you can see the biggest things that affect the framerate are anti-aliasing and shadows. Dropping from Ultra Textures to High Textures (not seen in this clip) didn’t really seem to improve framerate for me. In short this is an optimization debacle of Watch Dogs proportions. Hopefully the community will find the tweaks to fix it.

If I can keep the frame rate north of 50fps, or there are some tweaks that come out I may do a 60fps playthrough. 30 doesn’t seem worth it unless capture the console version, which I may pick up, though I hear there are issue with both console versions as well.


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