Kathy Rain – Intro – 2016 (Clifftop, Raw Fury)

Kathy Rain is a game in the class adventure pixel art style from Clifftop and Raw Fury. The game takes place in the ’90s, 1995, and focuses on the titular character as she returns to her old hometown after the death of her grandfather. Kathy hasn’t been home in more than 15 years after her mentally disturbed mother took her away as a small child. Now in college, Kathy’s entire personality has been shaped by the disappearance of her father and the difficulties of her mother and their hasty exit from home.

Reconnecting with her grandmother, Kathy learns of an incident with grandfather that left him wheelchair-bound and mute up until his recent passing.

Additional Wiki info: Kathy Rain is a point-and-click adventure video game. The game is set in 1995 and follows a college girl named Kathy who returns to her hometown to look into a mystery related to her deceased grandfather. Kathy Rain was developed by Clifftop Games, a one-man Swedish indie studio founded by Joel Staaf Hästö. Hästö called the television series Twin Peaks an influence for the game. The game was developed using the Adventure Game Studio development tool.

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