Killzone Shadow Fall Walkthrough – Chapter 1 – The Father (Intro)

Killzone Shadow Fall – Chapter 1 – The Father follows a young boy seeking to escape the dual Human-Helgan city of Vekta as the Helghast force a human evacuation. Though promised safe passage the Helghan are destroying belongings and killing individuals. The father and son seek to escape through the wreckage of the war-torn city, eventually meeting with a Shadow Marshal, a member of the elite human military who agrees to help them escape. It is not long before the run into trouble.

Killzone Shadow Fall is the by far the best looking game so far in the “next gen” line of games. While Ryse and inFamous Second Son are impressive games, Killzone has the most consistently high quality graphics through the game. The games FPS mechanics are fairly standard and the plot won’t deviate much from your standard sci-fi action games or films, it is still solid both of those respects.

This footage was obtained via capture from an AverMedia Extremecap U3 capture device at 1080p 30fps and 60Mbps bitrate video with 256kbps stereo audio. It was trimmed in Avidemux resulting in a 7.2GB file and uploaded directly to Youtube. Aside from 60fps (which would be lost on upload) this is the highest quality setting available aside from uncompressed which requires an SSD in Raid0 (which I do not have).

All Rights Guerilla Games and Sony Computer Entertainment.

Killzone Shadow Fall is the 6th entry in the Killzone franchise and is the most direct sequel to Killzone 3 for the PS3. This is a Sony exclusive franchise.

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