Laura Bow II – Dagger of Amon Ra Enhanced

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The Dagger of Amon Ra aka Laura Bow II was always a fun game to try and play for me. I say try, because it would inevitably overheat my CD-ROM drive at the time and freeze up (something that also happened with King’s Quest VI). It had good graphics for the time, fun period music and voice-acting (which I believe ran off the CD possibly causing the freeze issue). I never finished this game. Recording the intro here makes me want to go back.

Dagger of Amon Ra
Dox Box .74
Daum Build 5.2013
HQ3x set to OpenGL_HQ
Midi set to Fluidsynth
FluidR3 Soundfont

Wiki – The game is set in 1926, primarily in a museum, and reflects the Egyptology craze of the period. The protagonist is Laura Bow (a reference to Clara Bow), a Southern belle who has just graduated from Tulane University and moved to New York City, where she has landed a job at a prestigious newspaper. For her first assignment, she is asked to write a straightforward, lightweight story on a benefit held at a local museum to celebrate their new Egyptian exhibit. When a murder occurs during the party, however, she is locked inside with all of the other suspects. As other guests begin dying one by one, Laura must solve the numerous crimes occurring before the culprits escape or kill her.
Laura Bow II – Dagger of Amon Ra Enhanced


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