Metro – Last Light – Intro 1080p

Youtube Video

The intro sequence for Metro Last Light aka Metro 2034 the sequel to surprise hit Metro 2033 a game that despite it’s flaws oozed atmosphere and had an interesting story. The sequel is more of the same, and also more of the system/graphics card destroying lack of optimization. According to Wiki the game features : “Voices for the game include Lance Henriksen, Nolan North, Khary Payton, and Patton Oswalt.”

This game, similar to its predecessor, does not like the recording software when it comes to frame-rates, but even with the software off they vary wildly on a fairly powerful systems i7 2600, 16 GB 1866 RAM, EVGA 660ti. I will put up some gameplay of the first level and you guys can decide if you can put up with the jumpy frames and if you want more, deal?

Metro – Last Light – Intro 1080p


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