Photo Editing – Object and Person Removal

Ever grab what you think is an awesome shot, only to get home and find it’s not? All you can see are telephone wires, cars, or even the odd person messing up the shot. I’ve lost track of the numerous long-distance landscape I’ve shot only to find tiny people messing up the scenery when I get the images into edit mode. Luckily with some patience and tools (and hopefully a decent amount of resolution) the majority of these things can be edited out seamlessy to create the image as your originally envisioned. If you need some help doing this with your own photos, contact me (James Schumacher Photography).  I can help you out for reasonable fees based on the complexity of your editing needs. Below are just two quick examples of removal.

Photo Editing Removal Examples:

[sciba leftsrc=”” leftlabel=”Original” rightsrc=”” rightlabel=”Edited” mode=”horizontal” width=””]


[sciba leftsrc=”” leftlabel=”Original” rightsrc=”” rightlabel=”Edited” mode=”horizontal” width=”1000″]


These are simple examples of photo editing removal techniques. More complex jobs such as removing an individual person from a group photo can be far more difficult and require more time. Each job is based on difficulty of the task and the more complex ones will require higher base resolutions to work with. 

Other image / photo editing services include: high quality color black and white conversation, simple or complex image enhancements, collages, posters, photo/panoramic merging, etc. 

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