Resistance: Fall of Man – RPCS3 Gameplay Test (2600k, 980Ti)

RPCS3 running on older CPU and not quite as old GPU.

Looks like the old girl can still have some fun. My trusty old, perpetually dying 2600k machine, with a recently borrowed 980ti replacing a dead 780ti, has had some emulation adventures lately with BOTW and now Resistance. All my systems and games are getting boxed up, as I’ve lost my place to stay, but instead of finishing my packing, I thought I’d check out the current state of emulation. And here we are.

I’m having the most problems getting the audio stable, but it seems like with some tweaking, a lot of my PS3 games will run fairly well. And yes, I have old compatible Lite-On Bluray Drive. Here are the settings that I’ve messed with so far:

Lower SPU Thread Priority
SPU Block Size Mega
Resolution Scale 150%
Scale Threshold 120×120
FSR 25%
Framelimit 30
Anisotropic Filter 8x

I would love for these to get a full-on remaster or even a new entry/remake now two generations ahead.



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