Shadowrun Returns – Part 3 – Redmond Barrens

Fellow runner Jake Armitage heads out with us into the Redmond Barrens. We first go to pick up his stash and are met by some street gangers. After that we explore a bit of the land before find the final resting place of our buddy Sam. Unfortunately Lonestar is guarding the place and they are on the lookout for Jake… so he makes his exit here.

Use a little subtle bribery and some quick talking we get a look at the crime scene and some info about when and how the murder occured.

Shadowrun Returns is the spirtual successor to Shadowrun for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Genesis (two distinctly different games). It is brought to you by the original creator of the Shadowrun RPG system Jordain Weisman.

Shadowrun Returns – Part 3 – Redmond Barrens

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