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Batman Arkham Origins – Intro

All Rights Warn Brothers/Montreal/Games/International and DC Comics. A young Batman returns to the batcave after a successful capture on Christmas Eve. Gotham is in the midst of an epic winter storm. Rather than settle in for the night he heads to Blackgate Prison where a breakout is in progress. The

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Batman – Arkham City Original Video Game Score

Batman – Arkham City is impressive on many levels. Like I mentioned in my initial impressions of the game everything in the game is top-notch and improved over the already great Arkham Asylum. The game garnered enough attention to earn itself a bigger budget, both for the game and it’s

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Batman Arkham City – Initial Impressions

Arkham City Impressions I spent a few hours with Arkham City this evening. I have to say that I can definitely see where all the positive hype is coming from. As I discussed in the preview article, Arkham Asylum was a bit of a surprise.  There wasn’t much to complain

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Game Releases Fall 2011 – Batman Arkham City

Batman Arkham Asylum was, to say the least, a surprise smash hit, earning a lot of Game of the Year praise in 2009. Comic book games have a spotty history, particularly outside of the arcade, and Batman games in the past never strayed from that trend with many of them

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Batman – Arkham City Soundtrack

Batman – Arkham City is one of my most anticipated titles of this year, which is saying a lot.  Arkham Asylum was quite the surprise hit, in that it was a comic book property done well in game form.  Cash-in comic book games, like most films or book to game

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