Batman – Arkham City is one of my most anticipated titles of this year, which is saying a lot.  Arkham Asylum was quite the surprise hit, in that it was a comic book property done well in game form.  Cash-in comic book games, like most films or book to game properties are usually poor to say the least. Arkham Asylum changed that with a good storyline, excellent graphics and a beautiful, flowing, yet simple to execute combat system. Arkham City looks to expand the scope of it’s precursor by making the city of Arkham open and extend the cast of villains.  The game is also getting an authentic soundtrack (songs) release as a opposed to a score (instrumental) labeled as a soundtrack like many games receive. ( Note to self, teach the world the difference between score and soundtrack again!) The Batman – Arkham City Original Game Score is now out as well, check the link!

Most of these artists don’t really appeal to me, but there are some big names in contemporary music involved, showing that the studio and production company have some real weight behind this game.  Check out the Batman Arkham City soundtrack list with bonus track for pre-orders listed below. If tracks get iTunes or other listing, they will be added. It’s interesting to note, these all appear to be original song contributions and at this point will be available via special edition download code only. Grab the recently add Batman Arkham City Deluxe Soundtrack from iTunes. This is a pre-order from itunes that includes the 11 main tracks from the Batman Arkham City Soundtrack listed below as well as six musical score tracks from composer Nick Arundel and a digital booklet. Individual tracks will be added as they become available.

Batman – Arkham City Soundtrack List

# Artist Track Title iTunes/Link
1 Panic! At The Disco Mercenary
2 Coheed and Cambria Deranged
3 The Duke Spirit Creature
4 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Shadow On The Run
5 Blaqk Audio Afterdark
6 The Raveonettes Oh, Stranger
7 ††† (Crosses) The Years
8 The Damned Things Trophy Widow
9 Daughtry Drown In You
10 The Boxer Rebellion Losing You
11 Serj Tankian Total Paranoia
* A Place to Bury Strangers In The Shadow

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