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Splinter Cell Blacklist – Intro 1080p

All visuals and audio copyright Ubisoft 2013. Splinter Cell Blacklist is the sixth game in the series and a semi-reboot, though basically a direct sequel to Conviction. It features new gameplay mechanics and different voice actors and characters. Most Notably Michael Ironside has been replaced as the voice of lead

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Extended Look at Splinter Cell Blacklist

Extended Look at Splinter Cell Blacklist Check out EGMNOW.com for all the latest news, including Splinter Cell Blacklist. Article at the link, extended Splinter Cell Blacklist gameplay video embedded bleow. New Splinter Cell: Blacklist Gameplay Footage Is A Total Murder Spree I have concerns about this game. First Michael Ironside

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Game Releases Fall 2011 – September

2011 has been a big year for major game releases. I’ve already felt somewhat overwhelmed trying to keep current on all the latest stuff. Let’s go over a short list of games so far this year. Little Big Planet 2, Dead Space 2, Marvel vs Capcom 3, Killzone 3, Dragon

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