Extended Look at Splinter Cell Blacklist
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I have concerns about this game. First Michael Ironside is no longer Sam Fisher. It may seem arbitrary that a voice actor has been replaced after many iterations, but Ironside brings real dramatic weight and acting chops to the character of Sam. He did come in to “consult” on the character so that’s nice I guess. The other concern is that the game seems to be moving away from stealth to become more of an action flick. While they “leave the stealth option” in the game it seems that it more suited to twitch shooters and the stealth maybe a way to placate fans. It could follow the trend of dumbing down for the lowest common denominator, something that helps to stifle the industry somewhat. That being said this extended clip does show of some cool moves. Mixing in the new mechanics added from Conviction with the updated style of the game.

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