The First Templar Co-op Commentary Highlights (and Lowlights) – Part 2

If you actually want to see the story and all the missing bits, join us for livestreaming of the game

Friday night was co-op night and The First Templar is old and cheap, which means I can co-op with my cousin. Our humor growing up was majorly influenced by pop culture, particularly that of the 80’s and 90’s movies and games and here are the references from this stage of the game:

Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hood Men in Tights, Evil Dead x3, Talladega Nights, Monty Python x4, Grosse Point Blank, Army of Darkness, Jurassic Park, Last of the Mohicans, Lord of the Rings, Ghostbusters, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Happy Gilmore, The Fugitive, Assassin’s Creed, Princess Bride

More episodes to follow, featuring : more pop culture, bad puns, bad innuendo, bad impressions (including Liam Neeson).


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