The Long Dark Wintermute – Episode 1: Do Not Go Gentle – Chapter 1

The Long Dark has been in early access for several years now and has featured a continually evolving and robust Sandbox mode based on arctic survival in the frozen wastes of a fictional Northern Canada.

Now the team behind the game has finally made Single Player a really. Calling their story mode Wintermute, The Long Dark now features two episodes (made up of multiple chapters) each, out of what will be a five episode first season for the game.

The Long Dark Wintermute begins amongst the wreckage of a plane crash on a frozen ledge of a mountain. The player must help the character to survive hypothermia, thirst, hunger and injuries, not mention any wildlife that my be stalking the area.

Building off of the core features in Sandbox mode, the functionality is taught in a tutorial style as out character must treat his injuries, defend against the cold, find food and water, and somehow climb out of this small area high on a ledge.



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