Tiny Toon Adventures NES – Titles & Intro

The brief Intro and Titles for Tiny Toon Adventures for the Nintendo Entertainment System based on the cartoon of the same name. Recorded via a Mirillis Action! screencap of Retron 5 footage, fullscreen at 1080p 30fps with sound enhancements turned on and Hq2x video filter enabled.

More Info from Wikipedia: Tiny Toon Adventures is a platform video game for the NES. It was published and developed by Konami and released in 1991. It was the first Tiny Toon Adventures-related video game to be released for any video game console device.

The player initially controls Buster Bunny in the effort to rescue Babs Bunny from her kidnapper, Montana Max. Before each world, the player can select an alternate character that they can switch into if they find a star ball. The three alternate characters are Dizzy Devil, Furrball, and Plucky Duck. Dizzy, Furrball, and Plucky have unique abilities that Buster lacks


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