Yakuza 0 (Ryū ga Gotoku 0) – Demo – Basic Combat

Ryū ga Gotoku 0 or what would be called Yakuza 0 in Europe and North America, is actually the 6th numbered titled and the 9thth overall game on consoles for the Yakuza series. The previous five numbered titles follow Kazuma Kiryu, the “Dragon” or enforcer of the Yakuza’s Dojima clan and his sometime quest for redemption through the saving of a young girl named Haruka. Ryū ga Gotoku 0 sees the series go back in time, and not into feudal Japan like the offshoot games Ishin! and Kenzan!, no this game takes us to a time before Kazuma was the Dragon.

This clip goes over some of the basics of combat in the Ryū ga Gotoku 0 demo, starting with the first fight. It hits on basic attacks and combos, the next battle moves onto finishing or powers moves, and then we see melee objects and finishers. This is just a taste. If the previous Yakuza titles are any indicator, a huge move-set will be available for unlocking as you progress through the game or discover hidden ones.

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