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Dexter Season 5 Episode 6 Recap – Everything is Illumenated

Back with a Dexter recap after missing an episode.  Episode 6 of Season 5 is entitled Everything is Illumenated. We start out with Dexter packing up his stuff at the old home, and Deb insists he take the apartment back as she is "staying" with Quinn. Meanwhile, Lumen is preparing a disguise, having stayed in Miami due to the trauma a mere airport search causes her due to her past torture.  Lumen is obviously going after the bad guys still.

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Boardwalk Empire – Dexter – The Walking Dead – Good TV Returns

Almost 3 years ago to the day, I write a few posts discussing some of Television that was into, on was titled Good TV Returns. I preface this post and the old one by saying, I don't watch much TV. Back then, school and life were a distraction, now life and film/gaming/this blog are a distraction. I have a hard time sitting down to watch television on a regular basis. My viewing comes through DVDs, … Continue Reading ››

Finals…. Need I say more?

As if things haven't been going poorly already... it's finals week, which means late-night coffee-fueled all-nighters as one struggles to find the melding of what is possible to get done to what is expected of your work (and what you expect of yourself). So here is my final character at I'd say 85% done. Original concept belongs to original artist. He is … Continue Reading ››