As if things haven’t been going poorly already… it’s finals week, which means late-night coffee-fueled all-nighters as one struggles to find the melding of what is possible to get done to what is expected of your work (and what you expect of yourself).

So here is my final character at I’d say 85% done.
Original concept belongs to original artist. He is half lo-poly,
half sub-div proxy, and he’s almost ready to combine.

The remaining 15% is the rest of his crazy hair (the bear/eyebrow peice is
at least double the polys of the face :O ), and after that I need to add details, like
wrinkles and such. Then I have 3 other classes to worry about. Joy!

oh, AND…. check out Journeyman on NBC, which I think airs on Monday nights?! It’s quantum leap for the modern generation, and stars Lucius Verenus of Rome… be sure to check out his girlfriend from the past who met him in the future (watch the show) she is super-dee-duper hotttt! Is that how you’re supposed to say that?

Anyways… probably more at some point soon…
Also visit my Portfolio site at it’s temporary address (under construction of course.)

Listening to: Andres Segovia – The Segovia Collection Vol 4 – 18 – Bach-Cello Suite No 6 Gavotte
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