Dexter Season 5 Episode 6 Recap – Everything is Illumenated

Back with a Dexter recap after missing an episode.  Episode 6 of Season 5 is entitled Everything is Illumenated.

We start out with Dexter packing up his stuff at the old home, and Deb insists he take the apartment back as she is “staying” with Quinn. Meanwhile, Lumen is preparing a disguise, having stayed in Miami due to the trauma a mere airport search causes her due to her past torture.  Lumen is obviously going after the bad guys still.

Departmental Drama

The Chief lets Deb and the rest of the team know he doesn’t think too highly of their work thus far on the Santa Muerta case.  He tells LaGuerta any more deaths mean her job is in jeopardy, and mentions the IAD issues and Batista’s bar fight for good measure.

Quinn is going to be pursuing dexter with the help of Robocop, i.e. Peter Weller, who plays the cop that LaGuerta busted for narcotics in her undercover sting operation.  This is the bad-guy Peter Weller that worked well on 24.  He comes across as extra slimy.


If that isn’t enough for Dexter to handle, while he is exercising some justice on a killer who preys on men he meets at rest-stops, Lumen repeatedly calls before sending a picture of man covered in blood.  She has found one of the perpetrators, lured him to a warehouse and shot him.  Dexter hesitates before agreeing to come and help, with his would-be victim unconscious in the back of his vehicle.

After arriving at the warehouse, it becomes clear the man is not dead as he is no longer laying in the pool of blood where Lumen left him.  Using his blood splatter skills they start to follow the man’s trail all while having a discussion as to whether or not this man was actually in on the crime.

The man eventually gives himself up after snatching Lumens phone and calling the other baddies.  Dexter snaps bad guy’s neck and now it’s clean-up time.  To heighten the tension, Lumen’s gunshots were heard and Deb and Masuka are on the way.  For even more fun, during cleanup, Dexter’s saran-wrapped victim comes to and busts out of the vehicle.

Saran-wrap man is running in super-slowmo towards the approaching Deb with Dexter in hot pursuit.  Dexter manages to snare the guy, set him up next to Lumen’s baddie in all-too-convenient fashion, and the cover-up is complete when Masuka goes into his “auto-erotic mummification” speech.

Batista’s Home Run

Meanwhile back at the club sting waiting for the emergence of the Santa Muerta killers, Batista nabs some help.  He notices a woman with a Santa Muerta medallion, finds out she has warrants and trades some dropped charges for intel on the killers and a promise to lure them to the club.

Deb and Quinn have feelings for each other… blah blah.  Not going to end well we know.  An excellent exchange between Lumen and Dexter in the bathroom where Rita died let us know there is more to come from that pair.  Is this the protege Miguel could never be?

Closing Thoughts

The end was great, and while I appreciated the appropriate amount of suspense it was a little to easy at the end for Dexter to get out of his jam.  I don’t like Deb and Quinn together, but I do like that Quinn and Robocop are probably going to meet a bad end, which means good drama for the show.  Why does Deb end up with so many people who are killed or tortured?

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