Burn Notice ReviewWell I am already about 3 weeks into the new term, and wanted to post some reviews of stuff I had watched / listened to / whatever. However that list got quite large over my break, and now I find myself short on time… But here are some summaries…

Burn Notice: two words Bruce Campbell! Bruce gets to be… Bruce, which is always worth watching, and the rest of the show, not bad either. Gabrielle Anwar is sometimes hit-and-miss with the Irish accent but, the plotlines are pretty good and the end of the season questions make me anxious for next summer. Burn Notice has gone on to be quite successful, leading the ratings for cable television shows.

Dexter: What can I say, like Suspect Zero this is about a serial killer of serial killers essentially, unlike Suspect Zero this is highly comedic. A black comedy that excels at all parts of the formula. Enjoyed this so much, I have put in for the original novel at the local library… who knows if I will ever get time to read it.

Life: Nice new show on NBC, interesting plot, with a couple of great characters… check this one out if you have the time, it’s well worth it. I wish I could stick to a regular tv schedule to see this.

Hope to update again real soon, with some music/games/movies thoughts… and if anyone is out there, would love some responses, even if I have already talked to you about any of this, or by contrast have no clue who you are.
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