Borderlands 2 – Intro 1080p HD

The full Borderlands 2 Intro Sequence in 1080p H264 10Kbps Video 256k AAC audio.
Intro gives a brief look at the story setup as well as introduces you to the 4 main classes available to choose from in the game, while showcasing the excellent art style and music/sound integration. A really smooth game thus far, will probably post some coop snippets soon, and maybe a SP playthrough. What do you want to see?

Coop has been really fun although it quickly turns manic if you aren’t planning your attack a little bit. I’ve played in 2 and 3 player coop thus far without any hitches. The interface still seems a bit wonky and it doesn’t seem to be capturing my mouse correctly, which may be a byproduct of the capture software.

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