Castlevania Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD Part 2 – Act I Simon Belmont – Longplay

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Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate HD – Part 2 – Act 1 – Simon Belmont – Longplay

Simon Belmont is on a quest to find and defeat the dark lord Dracula, knowing very little of his own connection the Prince of Darkness. Along the way he must aquire several powers that will help him to progress through the castle compound and on Dracula himself. He continually runs into a mysterious, tall figure, with white hair, who comes to his aid several times. This is Alucard, who is actually his father and son to Dracula himself. This is the tragic tale of the Belmont Clan.

Decided to go the Longplay route with this one. Each act will receive its own long play through. Act 2 – Alucard will follow when completed.

“Castlevania: Lords of Shadow — Mirror of Fate is a video game in the Castlevania series, and a direct sequel to the reboot of the franchise entitled Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.”

Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate HD – Part 2 – Simon Belmont was recorded uncompressed, edited, then rendered at 1080p 30fps, 8 Mbps VBR single pass with 192 kbps 44khz stereo audio.

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