L.A. Noire Licensed Music List

So we’ve covered the L.A. Noire Soundtrack and L.A. Noire Remixed Soundtrack in the previous post.  Many people including myself are searching for a list of the L.A. Noire licensed music.  I have yet to find one, and no official music list has been released apart from those already mentioned.

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Jane Jensen presents Gray Matter

I read some news today that the game Gray Matter had received it’s release.  A little further research shows that Gray Matter has been released in Germany and as a digital download release.  The game is in native German but has an English option.  Apparently the American release is set

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Fallout New Vegas Soundtrack Details | Fallout 4 Music List

The gaming community has been given an excellent selection of classic licensed music this year, with the Mafia II Soundtrack.  This old-timey audible goodness continues with a release of a partial list of music that will be featured in the upcoming Fallout New Vegas release. Just as with the Mafia

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Mafia II Soundtrack Details – Mafia 2 Music List

***Check out the new Info on the Fallout New Vegas Soundtrack, with lots more classic songs from a similar time period as Mafia II!*** **** UPDATE, Full Mafia II Review – “Family” is Thicker Than Blood has been published, check it out! **** As I mentioned in my Mafia 2

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